CookieCon 2015

October 24, 2015

If you haven't heard of CookieCon let me fill you in.  Karen and Mike Summers from put on an amazing event in Salt Lake City, and cookiers attend from all over the world.  I'm not sure of the total, but I'm thinking there had to be between 400-500 cookie decorators in attendance!  All skill levels are welcome.  Three days are filled with all things cookie.  Some people arrived early to attend additional cookie classes with some of their favorite cookie artists.  Go to and click on "pre-event classes" to check them out.  There were limited spots available.


Day 1

The event took place at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  At registration you receive your swag bag and lanyard with your number.  The number is what they use to enter you into various drawings and giveaways.  The swag bag was filled with amazing goodies donated by various vendors and sponsors of the event.  It came in an adorable purple bag (which you know is my favorite color).  I did do a periscope of all of the goodies in the bag late one night in my hotel room.  You can watch it here:




At registration you recieve a deck of cards.  Your deck has 12 cards with one number and cookie image on it.  In order to get the full deck and to be entered into a drawing, you need to get all 12 cards by introducing yourself to new people and exchanging cards. 


Once you get the full deck you show Karen your number and you get put into a drawing.  It was a fun way to get us all talking and helping eachother find the cards we needed to complete the set.  All of the cards featured various cookies of attendees to CookieCon.


I had 11s!  Such a cute fox!  We also got a nice CookieCon pin for our lanyard and our schedule for the next 3 days. 












They had a photo booth set up to take crazy pics with new friends.  I was lucky enough to meet my good friend Karine on my first day of CookieCon.  She came all the way from Quebec, Canada!  We had a great time getting to know each other and talking cookies.  "Frenchy" and I became life long friends in a matter of days.  She is a great decorator and won 3rd place in the Sugar Show "Back to School" category (more on this later in the blog).  Truly grateful for her freindship.




There were also tables set up to exchange cookie cutters and to enter various drawings for great prizes.  You could bring your cutters you no longer want or use and trade them with other cutters on the table.  It's constantly changing as people come and exchange their cutters throughout CookieCon.  The prize table was amazing!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the prizes!  We got a certain number of tickets to put into various containers to win them.  I didn't win anything from the table, but did win a couple of bottles of bourbon vanilla in one of my classes. 






Once everyone registers and gets their swag bags, plays at the photo booth, collects all the cookie cards, and gets theirs Sugar Show entry submitted (details on this in a bit), it's time to go hear the Keynote Speaker.  Our keynote speaker was a long time favorite of mine.  I have been following her blog for ages!  She's amazing!  I have her book!  I love her!  AND she is originally from Indiana!  What's not to love? 


She goes by The Barefoot Baker.  She has a number of online tutorials on how to decorate cookies.  Her amazing cookie book can be purchased from her site:

I was so excited to meet her and get a chance to chat with her a bit!





Cookiers from all over the country prepare for CookieCon by decorating their Sugar Show entries.  The Sugar Show is an opportunity for people to make amazing cookies to display for all attendees to vote on their favorites.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 entries in each category.  You would not believe the cookies on display! 


Here is just a glipse of some of my favorite admissions by category:


Wildlife Category




Back to School Category


Anything Goes Category



 Super Heroes Category