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Home Bakery in Crown Point, Indiana

Local Pickup Only - I do not ship

Please include the following information in the order information box below for the items you want to order:

  • Cookies:  number of each style cookie and if you need them individually wrapped/heat sealed

  • Cupcakes:   number (min 2 dozen), flavor (vanilla/chocolate), style, colors, and if you need custom toppers

  • Cake Pops:  flavor (vanilla/chocolate), number of pops (1 dozen minimum per flavor), special toppings

  • Cotton Candy:  flavors, size of containers, and if you need custom labels

  • Dipped Pretzels:  white or milk chocolate, colors and toppings (minimum 2 dozen)

  • Pre-sales are local pickup only.

  • Cakes:  style, size, colors, flavor (choc/vanilla), if custom topper is needed (I DO NOT DO SHEET CAKES)

Once your order has been confirmed I will email your invoice. I accept cash, check, credit card, Zelle, and Vemno.  If you are paying by credit card or Venmo as a good/service, you will be responsible for the transaction fee. Payment and pickup information are on the invoice. Orders are added to my calendar when I receive FULL PAYMENT. 


All treats made by


Your form has been submitted.

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