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Custom Cookie Pricing Information

All of my cookies are made from scratch and baked to order for your special occasions.


PRICING:  Cookies start at $54/dozen and go up from there depending on the details and colors involved.  There is a one dozen minimum.  Mini cookies have a three-dozen minimum.

SIZE          No Details      Detailed     Elaborate

STANDARD (3")       $4.50            $5.00               $5.50+

MINIS (2")                 $3.00            $3.50                N/A

Basic:  1 color, no details

Detailed:  2-3 colors, simple details

Elaborate:  4 colors, several piped details

Other Pricing Info:

  • Edible Images:  Basic Cookie Price +50¢ per 3" cookie

  • Hand painted gold/silver/rose gold are an additional 25¢ per 3" cookie.

  • Additional Flavors:   +$2.50/dozen. (Chocolate, Chocolate Cinnamon, Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, & Apple Spice.)


  • Individually wrapped/heat sealed = 25¢ per 3"cookie ($3/dozen)

  • Individually wrapped/heat sealed with ribbon = 50¢ per 3"cookie ($6/dozen)

  • Custom Cookie tags = 75¢ each

  • Cookies can be boxed in a bakery box without being individually wrapped for local pickup only. 


Cookie Bouquets are also available for local pickup.  Bouquet pricing depends on the style of the cookies.

Gift Box Sets for holidays and special occasions are for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. 

  • Pricing and sets are listed on my Janis Bakes IG and FB pages, as well as the PRE-SALE page above.  Options are chosen by me and priced accordingly.

  • Custom gift box sets can be ordered any time with a minimum of 1 dozen cookies purchased.

  • Paint-Your-Own Cookies are individually wrapped, and heat sealed with paint brush and palette.



50th Birthday Cookies
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